Frequently Asked Questions for weddings at The Bradley Inn and The Contented Sole



The Bradley Inn

The Contented Sole

Both worlds…..

Price Per Person




Minimum Number of Guests

80 (peak season) If you cannot meet the minimum a surcharge may apply.

80 (peak season) If you cannot meet the minimum a surcharge may apply.


Facility Fee

Included in price per person

$1,500 (exclusive use of restaurant)


Menu Format


3-5 Hors d'oeuvres








(hors d’oeuvres selection additional)


What’s a mignardaise?



A sweet treat at the end of the evening.

What is the difference between an hors d'oeuvre and an appetizer



Hors d’oeuvres are passed bites served during cocktail or social hour. Appetizers are served with the meal (for example soup or salad).

What is the price for brunch?



$25 for a continental style brunch $35 for a formal brunch. Alcohol is additional.

What rentals are included?



Tables, white linens, standard white china, glassware and flatware.

What rentals are not included?



Chairs for tented events, special order; linens, china or flatware. Tent &, dance floor.

How much are chairs?

If the event is inside the inn – chairs are provided. Outside they are not, budget $3-$9 per chair.

Benches are available. Chairs should be budgeted for $3-$9 per chair.

If you want specialty chairs they will cost more to rent.

How much is a tent?



$1,000 - $2,500 is average. It can be more depending upon style & size.

Do I need a dance floor? If so how much would that cost?

It is advised to have a dance floor for an event outside. You can have a floor for the entire tented space but pricing is in the $2,500 range for that.



How is alcohol estimated?



Alcohol is based on consumption. Bars are either hosted or cash. $20-$30 per person for a 4 hour event is typical. Remember the longer the event, the higher the bar bill!

If I book an event do I need to book rooms at the Inn? If so how much?

Yes, $3,500 to book the inn. This is applied to your overall event cost.

Not necessary, but you can! $3,500 to book the inn. This is applied to your overall event cost.


What if not all the rooms are booked by my guests?



Rooms that remain unbooked by your guests will remain charged to you as part of the $3,500 room booking charge.

Do I need to pay for staff?



Waiters, chefs, bartenders, bride handler and staff to setup, decorate are included in your per person and facility fee.

If I have my ceremony at the Lighthouse or Fort who will setup the chairs?



We will have the chairs delivered to the site and the parks folks will setup and remove chairs.  you just get to the party!




We have lots of decorations that we’ve accumulated over the years. If you give us an idea of your vision, your taste and let us get to know you (Pinterest is perfect for this) we will make magic happen!




We can do that! Budget $3 per person for a cake, specialty cupcakes, mini whoopie pies, cheesecakes, tartlets.


You can certainly have your cake made somewhere else and we will cut and serve it, that’s included!

How about flowers?



We are blessed with great local florists however should you need this service we are happy to assist.


Table arrangements $20-$40 each


Bouquets $15-$20 each

What am I forgetting?



Tax – 8%

Gratuity – 20%

What is the payment schedule?



Deposit due to book event.


90 days prior to the event  50% of balance is due.


Balance due at the conclusion of the event.

What about my other vendors?



Please let them know we would love them to see the space and do their homework prior to your event. Things like photo booths, band setup, dj space need to be taken into consideration prior to the day of the event. Any damage caused by vendors will be their responsibility.

Forgotten items at the event, in the inn or lost.



Any items left behind that you want need to be retrieved in 72 hours. This is very important – with our busy schedule we roll from one wedding to another and items get moved quickly. We cannot be responsible for items after 72 hours.

How late can dance, dance, dance?

10:30pm for outside music, but you can easily bring your party inside – the Inn is yours for the using!

11:30pm (but really if it goes longer that’s okay – just remember the bar bill is based on consumption!)