We are new owners, taking over the helm from two wonderful people that grew a successful business in a wonderful location over the past 20 years. Coming from corporate backgrounds, we were ready to move onto our next adventure. We discovered this beautiful Maine B&B and wanted to work together in the business while we were still young enough to do so. Our son Ross, a chef, has joined us, while our daughter Jessica, who just completed her master’s degree in Adapted Physical Education, is still in California.

We have been blessed to be able to bring over a core group of previous employees, all of whom are knowledgeable, dedicated, and wonderful to work with. We would not have been able to easily take over The Bradley Inn and Restaurant without their experience and assistance. A huge thank you to them!

We look forward to this next adventure: to meeting new people, to providing great New Harbor accommodations and dining service, and most of all, to offering each of our guests a sanctuary within this beautiful location that truly imparts the essence of Maine!

– Laura and Tony Moskwa