It’s May and we are Opening

Wow, it’s finally time to reopen after six months of being closed.  Things are a bit crazy here getting all those last minute things done to be ready for all of you!  Spring cleaning, painting, shopping for last minute touches, food prep for the restaurant (Ross just came up to my office with a few tastes of items he has been working on, Yum)….all very exciting!  

The weather has been interesting for those of us that still consider ourselves Californians, however spring is in the air and visible in the gardens, with green buds bursting on the Rugosa,  yellow daffodils ready to bloom, green grass, birds chirping (albiet a bit too early in the morning) and flowers ready to plant to welcome our guests!

Come visit us, make a room and/or dinner reservation. 

Stay, Eat, Relax

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