Can you fly or boat in to visit The Bradley Inn?

We had two phone calls today from people wanting to know where they could moor their boat and how they could transport to our inn. One caller was looking to stay for a couple of nights, the other was looking to have dinner in our restaurant.  Got me thinking that we should include information on our website to assist guests that are not only boating in but also flying in on their own plane. 

New Harbor is a true working harbor, which is one of the things that makes it so charming, so there are no public moorings for boats to stop by or overnight.  The closest place to do so would be in Pemaquid Harbor, a mere 3.9 miles from the inn, which worked for the first caller who planned to bring bicycles, they wanted to stay for a couple of nights.  However, if you are coming for dinner, as the other caller wanted, a taxi would be your best bet. Twin Village Taxi will come down from Damariscotta for approximately $30 to transport you to the inn.  Calling them in advance to schedule the pickup would be best.  We would also suggest that you make dinner reservations in advance to ensure that we have a table available for you. 

If you plan to fly your own plane to visit us, you have a couple of options, Brunswick Executive Airport or Wiscasset Municipal Airport.  We would suggest that you rent a car to drive to the inn, it is also better to have a car to get around the area while here.  Pemaquid Peninsula is quiet, it is not commercialized so to enjoy some of the other things the area has to offer having a car would be preferable.

We are thrilled that people are finding us when researching the area, that would like to not only stay for the night but also to just stop in to enjoy the food being prepared by Chef Ross and team in our restaurant.  Check out the information we posted under the Area section of the site.


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